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FitzPato Auto

Welcome To FitzPato Auto

We’re concerned about the investment you made in your vehicle.

Your vehicle ranks as one in the to three expenses you will incur in your lifetime. Whether it’s for leisure or commerce there is an expectation that you will derive a certain level of satisfaction; quantifiable and nonquantifiable benefits/returns from your purchase. Getting the best from your vehicle will not be by accident, it requires deliberate actions to enhance performance, protect the vehicle and to keep the cost of ownership down to a minimum.

The risk of being re-active and not proactive is too great for an expense ranking so high on your hierarchy of expenses. You need a strategy that will ensure that your investment is protected, you enjoy your vehicle as it’s performing like new consistently even after 7 years, that you realize real savings relative to your past cost of ownership and your colleagues or economic partners that have chosen not to exercise your wisdom. One of the key reasons for taking deliberate actions is the notion of protecting the resale value of your investment. While vehicles are depreciating assets preserving that life of the vehicle with our line of products (engine, fuel additives and body protection) will mean that the functional use; body and the mechanical moving parts are given a much longer life than the rate of depreciation. It ensures that while you extract your benefit from ownership, you now have the additional value of earning income above the rate of depreciation and benefits extracted.

Our product lines have one thing in common they are all geared towards saving you money and preserving value.

We entered this highly competitive local industry because we believe that we are unlike any other business in this arena. We are keen on competitive pricings, offering products with realizable return on your investment (ROI), informing customers about how to protect their investment and how to achieve peak performance and minimize the effects of wear and tear from aging.

Cooper tyres one of our flaship products eptomises quality; engineering superiority and top rated performance, more importantly in today's economy Cooper Tyres represent value for money and stands against the wave of price driven purchases and chamopions the wisdom of value over price.

We make value preposition with our products lines while remaining price competitive, while we may not be the cheapest we certainly offer the best value. 

Who are the geniuses behind this goldmine of products and do they have a proven track record? Our website is driven to give you the confidence in all we sell. You not only know the company, but the people who engineered the products, even more importantly will be the testimonials from people all over the globe just like you who have used the products and are now “converts”…they will use nothing else.

Welcome to our world, happy the you have chosen at least to give us an opportunity to present our case. We respect your decision regardless of what it maybe. We ask that once you have read, give us a try, you have nothing to lose. We are so confident about our products that we will give you your money back if our products don’t live up to what we have said, here or by anyone of our sales/technical agents.

Remember…Your Smile...Our Inspiration!