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Why do I need the engine treat? What will it do that my oil isn't already doing?

Prolong Engine Treatment successfully reduces friction and heat in your engine with its advanced technology. Prolong Engine Treatment is a molecular based product that interacts with all of the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that successfully reduces friction and heat in your engine with its advanced technology. This is particularly important during start-up after your engine sits (say overnight) and all the oil drains back into the sump. They say that between 60 & 80% of engine wear happens during that first 1-2 seconds before full oil pressure. Your rotating components can have turned 50 , 60 times at this stage without proper lubrication. Additionally, the added lubricity that Prolong Engine Treatment offers will reduce friction which in turn lowers heat and will potentially improve mileage. More than anything else Prolong Engine Treatment will help to dramatically extend your engines life span. Your vehicle is a major investment; it makes sense to do everything possible to protect your engine and maintain optimum performance.

What's the difference between Prolong and the other products that do the same thing?

Prolong Engine Treatment provides an advanced extreme pressure lubrication technology not found in any other engine treatment. The AFMT (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) formula is unlike many engine treatments in that it bonds to the metal  particularly the polished metal surfaces inside your engine to protect them from wear and heat. Prolong products do not contain solid particles such as PTFE resins, molys, zinc, copper or graphite.

What's the difference between the engine booster and the engine treatment?

The 8-oz. Prolong Engine Treatment Booster is the same formula as the 12-oz. Prolong Engine Treatment, and is packaged for repeat use after the first application of the product. For the first time, use the 12 oz. Engine Treatment or 10% - 12% to volume depending on Oil Sump Capacity (12oz is perfect for up to 5 quart systems). Then as approximately 35% - 40% of Prolong Engine Treatment is still attached to the polished metal surfaces inside your engine, only 60% - 65% drains out with the oil when you change the oil. So you only need to replenish this amount. i.e., 60%. We recommended that you use the Engine Treatment Booster which is 8oz to "replenish" the drained Engine Treatment. The Booster size, which is 60 % to volume of the 12 ounce size, contains the same superior formula - saves money and replenishes the Prolong protection to its maximum level.

Can I use Prolong and 2 cycle engines and motor cycles?

Yes, use Prolong Engine Treatment at 10% to the volume. If your application utilizes a wet-clutch and/or the oil is shared by both the engine and the transmission, use only 5% to the volume.

How often should I use Prolong engine treatment?

Anytime after your engine's break-in period, then with each oil change. Prolong recommends you follow your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines, be that 3,000, 5,000 or 7,500 miles and even up to 10,000 miles. Vehicles with longer oil change intervals than 10,000 miles will need to add additional Prolong Engine Treatment in order to benefit for the full protective properties of the Engine treatment.