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What is meant by recycled tyres?

Our tyres are from a bead to bead remolding process. Bead to bead is a tyre manufacturing term that means end to end/complete. The process is similar to that of manufacturing of a new tyre with one exception, 80% of the work is already done since you are starting from an existing casing.

Security and structural integrity

How can i be assured of the tyre's structural integrity so that I can have a peace of mind?


Here are the reasons why you can rest assured:

  1. The tyres are made by a company with over 60 years of technical expertiise
  2. The equipment used in the remanufacturing process are the latest in the industry has to offer
  3.  The tyres are being used in similar conditions in all the markets that the tyres are exported too, Caribbean, US, Latin America
  4. TYre sre phyiscally and thoroughly inspected first, not all tyres qualify to enter the remaniufacturing process and once entered not all tyres become qualified for use.
  5. The remanufacturinng process invloves strucrual re-enforcement

How can be assured that I'm getting a quality tyre?

The process starts with quality tyres, tyres with renowned reputations. We don’t just use any casing, we use only high-end brands; Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin. These go through an intial visual inspection, a quality/integrity test then into the production line that takes it through the a similar manufacturing process of a new tyre.

The production company has over 60 years of production experience under Canadian standards.

The next time you see one of our tyres look for the Department of Transport (DOT) Number on the sidewalls,

Why is the tyre so much cheaper?

We passed on the savings to the customer as a derived from the manufacturing process. See FAQ 2 for more information on the manufacturing process.

Where are these tyres being used?

In the Caribbean, the USA, NY to be exact, one of the biggest customers is the NY Yellow Cab Company, Latin America.