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Welcome To FitzPato Auto

We’re concerned about the investment you made in your vehicle.

Your vehicle ranks as one in the to three expenses you will incur in your lifetime. Whether it’s for leisure or commerce there is an expectation that you will derive a certain level of satisfaction; quantifiable and nonquantifiable benefits/returns from your purchase. Getting the best from your vehicle will not be by accident, it requires deliberate actions to enhance performance, protect the vehicle and to keep the cost of ownership down to a minimum.

The risk of being re-active and not proactive is too great for an expense ranking so high on your hierarchy of expenses. You need a strategy that will ensure that your inves
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Website Launched...

If you are one of the first to vist our site after launching you'll get one free bottle of

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Launching count down has started...38 days to go!

Launch date...June 23rd 2017

A launch to remember...one person walks away

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